Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Movie> Book or Book>Movie WHICH ONE WILL WIN?!

When I was assigned this project I couldn’t decide whether The giver movie was better than the book or The giver book was better than the movie. But time has passed and I have decided… I think… The…. MOVIE IS BETTER THAN THE BOOK (did it surprise you?) You must be thinking “Why Carolina, Why did you choose this option.” For further information please read the next three reasons why the movie is better than the book.

REASON NUMBER ONE: I think the movie was better than the book because I feel like the movie gives better details than the book. For example, they described what elsewhere looks like in the book, but when you watched the movie you got a better feeling of what “Elsewhere” might look like. Another example is, when the giver transmits the memory to Jonas, it just looks cooler. I don't know how you would explain the futuristic effect when the giver transmits the memory to Jonas onto a book, actually I don't know how you would be able to do that. That is why the movie is better than the book. Some people might say “ Buut Carolinaa, when you read the book it feels like you're there with Jonas.” I know but I felt like the movie explained a lot of things that they didn’t explain in the book (by the way when I watched the movie I still felt like I was there with Jonas. Like if I was watching him from a distance ((i'm not trying to be creepy… I promise!!))

REASON NUMBER TWO: When I finished reading the book it left me like a kind of “Whaatt??” face. I was sort of
Confused on what just happened. But when we finished watching the movie I understood more. Because at the end of the book it just explained how the memories were released and that’s it. In the movie they added effects and it showed that the memories were released. And once when they were released everybody had some sort of vision and I felt like that's what made the movie better. Another things is, when Jonas released his memories in the book it just stopped there sort of like a cliff-hanger. But In the movie it smoothed it out and made the ending seem more interesting and less “Cliff-Hangy.”

REASON NUMBER THREE: We watched a movie. I love to read. LIKE YOU DON’T KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE TO READ. reeding is 4 lyfe. When a movie is based out of a book I usually the book was better. But this time I definitely loved the movie better than the book. Why? Because:
  • The movie gives more details than the book.
  • The ending was better in the movie
  • And we watched a movie

CONCLUSION: This is definitely the first time I have ever said “The movie is better than the book.” There is always a first for everything right? I would advise you to read the book before the movie just so you can see how one little change could affect a whole scene.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Dang. I wish I had a photographic memory *reads landscape of memory* NOPE NOPE NEVERMIND

Landscape of memory

    Now that I have read the landscape of memory (I can't underline it) I regret wishing to have a photographic memory. It said that S can remember anything but there are some memories he can't get out of his mind. I think it would be a good thing and a bad thing because you can memorize all the answers to a test. And it would be bad because you can see something disgusting (like dog poo) and never forget about it. I wonder if this is something you inherent from an ancestor or its just something that comes out of nowhere.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


The pedestrian & The forcast

      The pedestrian: In the pedestrian People think you are super weird for taking long walks at night. Since they are so mesmerized by their tv I bet they dont even know what a Tree is. I really hope it's not light this in the future. And if it where.... Would we all stare at the Televison watching Kim K 24/7?

The forecast: Ok.. I didn't really get it because it was such a short story. So this is what I think happened: So the author is trying to tell us that anything that happens will be on a screen and they will alert us of any dangers So we shouldnt be scared... I didn't really get the story but I got one question. If the author is trying to tell us that then, why shouldn't we be scared? Isn't fear supposed to help us with our life?

Here are some unrelated cool things:
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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Well... That's the end of it!

The giver

     Today on Tuesday I read a fascinating book with a fascinating ending. When I read Lois Lowry's speech it said that there is no ending. You can make up your own, so this is what I believe: Jonas was traveling and he died with out knowing it. So elsewhere is like heaven but it's also death... I have to buy the second book NOW

Monday, April 25, 2016


The giver

       When Jonas caught the fish with his net and then ate it... Wouldn't he get salmonella? Because some fishes require to be cooked other wise you would get sick. I predict that Jonas will be extremely sick and  Gabriel will be too.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Rosemary, I amd your father.

The giver

    So I discovered something very, very big in the book (not that big but it was surprising.) I found out that The giver had daughter! That last part was so sweet though I would never think that would be his daughter. But when he said "I will go see my daughter" does he mean he will see her in heaven?

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

R.I.P baby

The giver

    I just finished reading the part where Jonas's dad finished killing the baby. How could somebody do that?! And his dad didn't even seem a little bit sad! He is just like "Bye, Bye little guy" I have a feeling that Jonas is going to go home and not even talk to his dad or forgive him.